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Zorin OS Pro v17 For PC

About Zorin OS Pro Free Download

Zorin OS Pro v17 Mega and Mediafire .It is the name of a strong and efficient open source operating system based on Ubuntu. The developers of this program think that using this operating system, you will be able to fully use the capabilities of your computer. As mentioned above, the operating system in front of you is part of the Linux-based operating system. The flexibility to customize the user interface is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this operating system. Unlike other well-known operating systems like Windows or Mac, you can change the interface of the operating system to meet your specific demands.

What’s new in Zorin Pro

The developers have done an excellent job of making this lite version look virtually identical to the standard version of Zorin OS Pro. When you initially turn on your system, you will be taken through the Getting Started Tour. So, if you click on the Getting Started Tour, it’ll just go over some basic things like how to open your programs , a shortcut to the Zorin appearance menu, and instructions on how to install apps.


It is one of the simplest Linux distributions available today. Its installation is almost identical to that of Ubuntu.


Out of the box, it has been refreshed with a new and improved look. A new, more refined default theme that is easy on the eyes is now available. Throughout the system, you’ll notice fine details and charming animations that enhance your computer experience.

Zorin OS 17 Performance

Speed ​​has been prioritized in Zorin OS 16, so the desktop runs noticeably faster on a wide range of hardware, both old and modern. Every level of the operating system has been optimized for performance, from the kernel to the desktop interface. Apps open faster, animations are smoother, and loading times are kept to a minimum, allowing you to spend more time productively.

Main Features

  • It is possible to edit and select an interface from six different templates.
  • Take advantage of all the capacity of your computer to carry out its work.
  • The implementation of various large and small programs is flawless.
  • With over 20 different game options, you can play a wide variety of computer games.
  • Ability to run Windows operating system software.

System Requirements

Processor: 1 GHz or faster.
RAM: 2 GB.
Free hard drive space: 30 GB.

Technical Data

Title: Zorin OS Pro v17
Update Date: 2024
Size: 2.56 GB
Architecture: 32 and 64 Bits
Format: ISO
Language: English – Multilanguage
Unattended: Yes
Activation: Pre-Activated

Zorin OS Pro v17

Zorin OS Pro v17


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Updated: 5 May 2024 — 22:00

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